Fitness Education- Personal Trainer Certification Prep Course

TrueFitness Is Now Offering Personal Training Exam Tutorials! 

- We value education at TrueFitness and are willing to prepare anyone with a passion for fitness and health to become a Certfied Personal Trainer. Our one on one prep sessions get you prepared to take the NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Exam.-

Invest in Yourself Now to Secure a Solid Future!

“Spencer Aiken’s methods of teaching were exactly what I needed to succeed.
He was great at explaining why things work, move, contract, and so on. He made
talking “personal training” easy to understand. He is the most knowledgeable personal trainer I know”
-Aj Paul, CPT

“Spencer Aiken is one of the greatest personal trainers I have met and I feel honored to have been personally taught, by him, how to become a successful personal trainer in the world of fitness. Spencer is a great instructor and his teaching methods are easy to grasp. He teaches outside the box so you always come out with more knowledge than you normally would in a typical tutoring session. You can tell that Spencer has an amazing passion for fitness and I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to become a personal trainer.”
-Kyle Hoeniger, CPT

“He always welcomed all and any questions in which he would find ways to answer the questions based on the individual’s learning style. In addition, Spencer not only encouraged his students to strive for success he also encouraged his students to never stop learning. Furthermore he has an open door policy where current students and former students are always welcome to come to him with questions. I myself have kept in contact with him as he has become invaluable to me as a personal trainer.”                                     -Jaime Swanson, CPT

“The hands-on experience and face-to-face learning environment surpasses any other experience I have have received at other fitness certifications.  Previous to my time with Spencer, I thought I knew a lot about exercise and related topics but I quickly found out there are many variables and considerations in developing successful exercise program. I would not have known about without the education I received. Spencer was simply an outstanding instructor who led by example and demonstrated an extreme passion in teaching and helping with my success.”
-Juan Ramirez, CPT

~Programs Offered~

TrueFitness offers 3 options for learning the knowledge required to pass the NCSF exam.

The Small group and 1 on 1 Programs are 32 hour programs

$999 package – Group Package. This program is presented in a small group setting.  Both online and in person options are available*


$1999 1 on 1 package-includes a total of 16 Lecture Sessions*

$70 – per 1 Hour Session- in person or Skype/video conferencing sessions available

* Each Lecture Session consists of 2 Hours

**Certification Exam Cost INCLUDED

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